University Policies And Procedures


The policy and procedure statement system (per UPPS No. 01.01.01) provides:

- a standard form of communicating university and division policies and procedures;

- a structure for regular interval reviews of university and division policies and procedures;

- a means for reviewing university and division policies and procedures on an as-needed basis to remain consistent with current practices; and

- a means for assuring agreement between current practices and applicable regulations and laws.

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Templates & Instructions

    • Pen and ink changes constitute changes made to a section or sections in the policy without reviewing the entire document.


    1. UPPS No. 01.01.01 needs to be updated to reflect new reviewers in the Reviewer’s Section. Nothing else has been reviewed.
    2. UPPS No. 01.01.01 needs to be updated to include one new definition in Section 02.01. Nothing else has been reviewed.
    • Full Review takes place when the entire document is reviewed. A full review has been conducted even if no changes were made to the policy, but the entire document was reviewed for potential edits.

    Title changes do not require a complete new policy. They can be included as changes on both pen and ink and full reviews.

  • Effective dates reflect the date a policy underwent a full review and President Cabinet's approval. 

    A revised date indicates the policy underwent a pen and ink change and President Cabinet's approval, after the initial full review and prior to the next review date. 

  • It is the responsibility of the appropriate divisional representative to make sure all links are active and working prior to submitting the final copy for publication. Content in the links and documents linked need to be edited by the senior reviewer alongside the policy. 

    Links for reference forms or documents need to be maintained on the department’s website, and a web address link needs to be provided within the policy. If changes are made to reference forms or documents, the senior reviewer or the divisional representative needs to email the updated or new link to the Program Specialist for Policies and Procedures in order for the policy to be updated.

  • The Program Coordinator for Policies and Procedures will send out a reminder for university policies and Academic Affair policies three months prior to the due date. 

    All other divisions are responsible for the review process of their divisional policies. The Program Coordinator only reaches out to divisional representatives a month after initial policy due date to inform divisional representatives of delinquency, and after that initial email, an email is sent every month until the policy is submitted for review. 

    If your area needs additional time for submission, please communicate with the Program Coordinator for Policies and Procedures at or at 512.245.3068. This will limit delinquency emails.

  • The policy comments section is a login-based depository where the university community is able to view the comments sent to the senior reviewer’s during policy review and the responses that were provided by the senior reviewer.

    Senior reviewers serve as the owners of each assigned policy, and as such they decide which comments they concur or disagree with. If the senior reviewer is in agreement with proposed changes, updates, or clarifications provided, the changes will be incorporated into the final draft for publication.

    After web publication, any questions on why comments were not accepted or concerns about changes that need to be incorporated into the policies due to law infringement, updates, or university issues must be addressed to the appropriate senior reviewer or their divisional representative.

  • System policies are applicable to all institutions within The Texas State University System, while Texas State University policies apply to the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses.

    Divisional policies are applicable primarily to a specific Texas State division or offices within a division (i.e., Academic Affairs, Finance and Support Services, etc.). 

  • If a conflict occurs between a Texas State University policy and a policy reflected in documents of a higher authority (e.g., federal law, state law, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board policy, Regents’ Rules, etc.), the policy as outlined in the document of higher authority will prevail. If a conflict occurs between a division policy and the policy outlined in a university policy, the university policy will prevail.

  • The official versions of university and division policies are available on the Policy and Procedure Statements website.

    Historical records for university policies and Academic Affairs policies are maintained and stored by the Program Coordinator for Policies and Procedures. Copies of all other division polices can be found within each division vice president’s office.

  • The divisional representatives are listed at the bottom of this page for each division. 

Program Specialist for Policies and Procedures

Picture of Iza Martinez

The Program Specialist for Policies and Procedures effectively and efficiently directs and maintains the university, Academic Affairs, and division policy and procedure review processes in an effort to keep the university community fully informed and compliant.

Ms. Iza Martinez, M.A., oversees the university policy and procedure statements and divisional policy review system for the university and is responsible for the tracking, collection, and finalization of all policies. She also aids in the annual collection and compilation of the university plan progress report, and proofs and audits of university outcomes. 

Divisional Representatives

  • Division of Academic Affairs - Tina Guerrero
  • Division of Finance and Support Services - Shauntia Carr
  • Division of Information Technology - Whitten Smart
  • Division of Student Success - Cindy Justice
  • Divsion of University Advancement - Holly Bazaldua
  • Division of Research - Dr. Reddy Venumbaka
  • Division of TXST Global - Shelly Cantu
  • Division of Marketing and Communications - Sarah Alvarez
  • Divsion of Athletics - Brandi Martinez
  • President's Office - Tamara Alejandro